Behind the Brush & I Draw a Line

Seldon Yuan
Seldon Yuan - I Draw a Line
Seldon Yuan - Behind the Brush


Behind the Brush, 2006, mirror, wood, & cut printed paper, 35 x 35 x 4 inches.


Each letter of my poem is printed, cut, folded, and laid on a mirror. The words are read in the mirror’s reflection. Because the letters obscure themselves, the viewer must move in order to read them, thereby activating the act of reading and dovetailing with the poem’s content.


Behind The Brush


 behind the brush  we could not have seen one

another  then was only sky

 we had to leave  wondering

among other things  where

birds came from  where birds go to

 camouflaged by our leaving

thoughts  we saw only ourselves

alone  envying stones  we were saddened

by logs as arms cradled down

back  until our branches touched

by chance  there was never chance

 we are trees  we have always been together


I draw a line,  2010, dimensions variable, white powder.


Utilizing white powder, my poem is situated such that a viewer is forced to read the text inverted or walk upon it to read it. During the exhibition, the text/powder is spread throughout the gallery and beyond by passersby. An ironic play is framed between the poem’s content, the piece's reason for existence, and the piece's relationship to the audience’s interaction with the work.




I draw a line  to 


divide this space in 


two  in order 


to know where I am 




 to render 


this space unfamiliar  to 


imagine that I may not be 


alone  so that there is room


for a dialogue

Seldon Yuan
Seldon Yuan

Seldon Yuan’s art has been exhibited nationally and internationally in various galleries and venues including the MoMA in New York, International Center of Photography, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Arario Gallery, Rare Gallery, La Generale in Paris, Gallerie 69 in Oslo, Norway, Around Space in Shanghai, and the Museum of New Art in Detroit. In addition to having work published various periodicals, he has also published a book of poetry entitled morning, afternoon, evenings and performed his poetry across the US and abroad. He recently completed the Bronx Museum of Art AIM program and is preparing work for his inclusion in the Bronx Museum of Art AIM Biennial in 2013 and a new visual poetry sculpture for Socrates Sculpture Park in New York City.