Intention and Mantra

Marjorie Tesser



I want to write a poem

about the world—

Japan, Afghanistan, Libya,

the Cote d’Ivoire—  but what can I say

when even here in my cozy home

everything is just a little broken—

sheets ripped, cups chipped, evidence

of carelessness, accident,

despite what we call best efforts.

If I could live more mindfully, as if

curating the collection, would I become

eloquent as a docent?



say yes to the breath

say yes to the long inconvenient subway ride

say yes to the woman complaining

say yes to the bad poem

say yes to the good poem

say yes to the pain in your neck

say yes to your strong legs

say yes to right now

say yes to putting that bundle down

say yes to the pink blossoms

say yes to the difficult task

say yes to all easy

say breath to the yes

Marjorie Tesser
Marjorie Tesser

Marjorie Tesser is the author of THE IMPORTANT THING IS…(Firewheel Editions 2010, Firewheel Chapbook Award Winner), and The Magic Feather (Finishing Line Press 2011).  She is an editor for the Bowery Books poetry series and is editor of The Mom Egg literary journal.