Jamie Townsend


after Rachel



no pressure : as in twelve supermodels dressed as Michael Jackson


no pressure : as in there was no one there to critique the way you removed

your shirt


there was no pressure : as in Mercy’s ‘weeping and the moaning and

the gnashing of teeth’ i subconsciously hum it all day superimposed

between my Brooklyn apartment and the image of Brooklyn on my computer



no pressure : as in American Vogue and Italian Vogue laying together on the



as in I love you both Allison Harvard & Bianca Golden your creepy grace a

declension displayed through a series of angles to work that little something extra

where I can feel you move fluidly under my skin animating the passivity staying up

all night to watch the ANTM marathon


no pressure : tho’ tired & sore i can still imagine Tyra Banks holding me

by the nape of the neck in her mouth & my shoulders instantly release

as something unexpected rises out of this rigid muscle a revenant a con-

stellation of suggested movement seriously


no pressure : we can restage the entire world room by room & live there like

James Bidgood enveloped in silver lamé until distinction withers into


no pressure : anyways, insomnia, terror, fierce boredom will eventually dissolve

within the brilliant cluster of stars at the center of our galaxy where there is no

pressure no potential elimination challenge only weightless fire : as in we move on        

Jamie Townsend
Jamie Townsend